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Argent Saga League Online

Argent Saga League Online

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Argent Saga League Online


When: Sunday 6:30pm to 10:00pm


Entry: $5.00 per player


Participation: 1 LGS Pack

Prize: 1 Pack into the Pool per Player

Tournament Style:   

  • 8-Players · 3 Rounds - #1 at 7:00, #2 at 7:55, #3 at 8:50 · Round Time: 50 min · Prize Pool Payout: 4-2-1-1

  • 9-16 Players · 4 Rounds -#1 at 7:00, #2 at 7:55, #3 at 8:50, #4 at 9:45 · Round Time: 50 min · If 16, Prize Pool Payout: 6-4-2-2-1-1 



Important Information


Where to play?

We will be using If there are other programs that support the game, you may discuss using them with your opponent before play begins.


How long do I have to play?


50 minutes. Extra five minutes to meet up with opponent.


What happens to my packs?


Your participation packs will be added to your Pack Bank for you to claim later. Your prize packs will also be added to your Bank. The store is open from 6:30am – 8pm to claim prizes Monday - Friday, 10am - 8pm Saturdays and Sundays.


Will we be doing any off-meta tournaments?


No. We will be only doing Advanced Format tournaments with the current B/R/L list in place.


How do I make Judge Calls?


In discord, you can @judge for assistance. There is a chat room for this as well. The people with the Judge role will be notified and enter your table room to speak to both of you. If need be, the Judge will join you on your Argent Saga platform to assist. There won't always be some readily available, so if you can solve the problem on your own, please try. Have patience with each other please!


How do I pay?

{I will supply a link the website here} PayPal – Can I change decks? No, just like at the store you must play with the same deck during all the rounds. If caught changing (cheating) up your deck (side, main, extra), you will be barred from participating in all future tournaments.


Process of Joining the Online League:


1. Join Discord – 2. Post in Yugioh Leagues – tournament-chat that you’d like to join and to verify there is still room. 3. Purchase entry on the website, or PayPal 4. Watch Discord for a post in tournament-pairings 5. Look for your NAME and TABLE, then join the appropriate voice chat. (If you are at Table 1, you join table-1. 6. This is essential: talk to your opponent. Be clear as to what you are doing. This is to help you with future game play. 7. Play your match. (Record your match if you would like. Share it with others, promote the community.) 8. Report your match in the tournament-reporting room 9. Wait for the next round to be posted in tournament-pairings and then repeat 5-8 This is your social contract: These tournaments are going to be ran as closely as possible to tournaments at the store. We want to give you all the ability to test decks, be competitive, and earn prizes, but PLEASE do not be the reason we have to stop. We want this to be fun, and maybe even something we continue after the dust settles and things are back to normal. Remember Wheaton’s Law. Don’t know it? Google it. Expect mis-clicks to happen. If the mistake is recognized relatively quickly, then allow them to take it back. Taking advantage of this is cheating. If people are found to be rule-sharking or taking advantage of leniency, we will disallow your participation in future events.


Most importantly, have fun. And please give feedback.

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