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02/29/2020 - Yugioh VIP Qualifier Registration

02/29/2020 - Yugioh VIP Qualifier Registration

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The VIP Qualifier is a Tier 2 Swiss tournament with a Playoff top 8 cut, which is held at select OTS locations throughout the area of an upcoming Yugioh Championship Series. The VIP Qualifier provides Duelists the opportunity to earn a VIP status at the upcomign YCS Charlotte 2020. 

Entry cost is $12.00

You will be given 3 Booster Packs for registering, or 2 OTS Packs and one Duelist Pack

A Decklist and Registration form will be required once you arrive to the venue.

The store will open at 8:00AM and Registration will close at 9:45 AM. The event is set to begin at 10:00 AM.

Please be on time, and contact the store with any questions at 803-520-7414 or

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